I planted a tomato in the middle of April.
My husband said “No. No.” It’s winter still.
“You’re just being a contrarian,” went my usual reply.
“Sun’s high, air’s warm, summer’s definitely nearby.”
So into the ground, the tomato went
enjoying good weather, defying husband’s sentiment.
Then one April night, the temperatures fell.
What happened next? I’m sure you could tell.
The poor tomato wilted from the frost.
My husband checked. He said “Sorry. It’s lost.”
“I told you so.” He was wise not to say.
I mourned my loss and vowed to plant in May.
Then one May morning, when the air was hot
I was in the garden tending my little plot.
What did I see that brought me joy?
Little tomato leaves sprouting from the soil.

I learned that tomatoes are hardier than they look.  And April is not yet planting time.  At least hereabouts. 🙂

May your garden grow well.

Best regards,



    1. Thanks, Annmarie for visiting. “Volunteers” – that’s a new word I just learned recently, at least as far as it applies to plants.

  1. Last year I and one friend of mine planted some tomatoes on our own garden as an experiment. It wasn’t too bad but not very good either. 😀
    And so for that reason we don’t do it this year. 😀

    1. Try again. You may have better luck this time. 🙂 The first time I planted a tomato, I did not know what I was doing (maybe, I still do not know what I am doing). My husband knew more about it and taught me how to care for the plants as I went along. It may be psychological, but somehow, garden tomatoes smell more tomato-ey than the store-bought ones. 🙂

  2. Those are one of the best little surprises! A new shoot from the ground is a gift. I hope you harvest nice tomatoes from this plant! I just planted two varieties myself!

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