He’s been practicing
jumping and turning all around.
“Mommy! Look at what I can do.”
He said. Quite proud.
“You’re getting better at it, my love.”

Looking out of the kitchen window
his Daddy said –
“I tried cartwheels before
but never succeeded.”
“Neither have I. Good to know –
there’s hope for our gene,” I replied.

Linking with 52 Photos Project which has the theme – MOVEMENT.


  1. I love this Imelda – the monotone images with your words. Great “stop action” shots 🙂

    • Thank you, Colleen. I appreciate your comment a lot.
      I was playing with Picasa last night and thought of converting the mostly green picture for something more quiet. 🙂

  2. Love the black and white images, with the sun from behind.
    The words are perfect. You do amazing work in both arenas.

  3. Love the photos. My son tried cartwheeling and did it only halfway. Looks like your son did a perfect one. Beautiful and fun. It’s a joy to read your heart-felt poetry coupled with the happy images. Thanks.

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