We enjoyed the alternative photo challenge last week – Reflections – that Ailsa of the Missing Where’s My Backpack 😉 kindly hosted after Daily Post did not post (oh my!) the much anticipated Weekly Photo Challenge.   We had a great time.  So, Ailsa once again is hosting a photo challenge with the theme – TRAVEL THEME: SUMMER.  Do visit her page for a lot of fun takes and great people to meet.  🙂

My photos are close to home – all taken during our drive up to attend the Good Friday Liturgy.

a.k.a. The (multi-Billion Dollar) Big Dig

And yes, a trip to Boston is not complete without the –

Thank you Ailsa for the invitation to join the SUMMER Photo Challenge. 🙂

Thank you all for coming by.  Have a great day.


15 thoughts on “EXOTIC BOSTON hah!

  1. Oh and I’m planning on visiting Boston in the not too distant future so if you have any recommendations of things I must not miss, let me know!!!

    1. Thanks, Ailsa.
      In Boston, do not miss the Freedom Trail. Some miles away from Boston will be the Minuteman National Park. The Boston Commons. Hay Market, Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The New England Aquarium. And of course, there are the campuses – Harvard, Tufts. They are not in Boston itself though but in adjacent towns.
      Have fun!


      1. Yaay, thanks for the tips, Imelda. Minuteman National Park was not on my radar, I will make a point of seeing it! 🙂

  2. Great photos! So you are local to the New England area?
    Interesting bridge design – the ones I see (NYC) are all old traditional style.
    I should make a visit up there – without my Yankees shirts of course.

    1. Thanks, Braintomahawk.
      We are local enough to prefer New England clam chowder over the Manhattan variety. 😉 Keep that in mind too, just in case you want to have some chowder over here.

    1. Thank you for coming by, Ginger. Alas, I am this MA person who has not seen the Freedom Trail. To my credit, I have been to the Minuteman National Park though. 😉

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