The grass is soft under my feet.
It is still wet with dew.
The clematis has unfurled her colors
and the Irises too.

The daisies twinkle in the sun.
The roses are flexing their might.
The peonies show their blush.
The lilies are cuddled tight.

The robins and the sparrows
fill the air with their song
while copper butterflies
dance merrily along.

The bees go their usual way.
The squirrels hop from tree to tree.
The bugs feast on tender leaves.
Oh! what trail of calamity.

What a fair day it is
The sky is clear and bright
turning me into a little child
before this heavenly sight.

I am linking with   Copy this image and its link to place on your blog .  Please head on over to these pages for great flower photos.

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