FATHER AND SONS – Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

 None of these pictures are new.  Over the years, I have collected photos of my husband working with our children.  Seeing him at work as a father has always fascinated me.  I meant to make a compilation of all these pictures, make a coherent presentation of them, but somehow, I never got the chance to. Besides, the pictures have been stored in different files – that discouraged me from doing anything.  For compelling me to do something about my plan makes me appreciate this challenge a lot. I guess my husband is getting an early Father’s Day greeting.  Since I got a good gift on Mother’s Day, I am happy to give him an early one. 😉

I hope you enjoy this little presentation. 




Hands that work

Hands that play

Hands that teach

Hands saying: “I’m with you all the way.”

Hands that learn

Hands saying: “I’ll be like you one day.

For more photos, please visit WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE.



  1. I love how you can gather old photos and put them into such a meaningful tribute to your husband and your loved ones’ hands! I know you said I’m too generous with my comments, but I mean every word, and I do LOVE all your pictures, as well as the words that go with them so perfectly. Beautiful!

  2. I wrote my reaction at the wrong place ><
    Hope this time I'm right…
    I love the light on your last picture.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.

    • Thank you DagEnDauw for dropping by and the comment. The last picture was the one that immediately came to mind when I saw the theme for the challenge.

      • Not sure if it’s really either a ‘pingback’ or a ‘reblog’ but I liked your captions so much I had to rewrite my own post to include a link to your photo.

      • Oh! I appreciate that a lot. Thank you very much. I do not understand how those things are called either. I might have done a pingback without knowing how to. 🙂

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