“Cecilia Maria! How could you be so stupid?
You are dating a man who is  married.”
So you have discovered my little secret.
My thanks to you, good old Gossip!

“You had us believe you were in school.
You turned us into big doddering fools!”
You had me take a course I disliked.
Should you impose on me your absolute control?

“What have you been doing all these months
when you asked for tuition and allowance?”
I live in a ratty dorm, I barely have enough
with my friends’ lifestyle, I couldn’t keep up.

“We gave you all that you needed.
You graduate. That’s all we wanted.”
I really want that too
Yet there are other things I want to do.

“Last time, you promised to mend your way
Instead you went completely astray.”
Your expectations are killing me
Why don’t you just let me be?

“Have you nothing to say?
Those false tears, wipe them away!”
Mama, I can’t bear it when you cry.
I’ll escape this trouble by and by.

“You have brought us so much pain.
For our sacrifice, trouble is our gain.”
You don’t know what it is to be unwanted
Trouble, trouble, I am trouble, is all I heard.

How can I stop your downward spiral?
You’re a person better than what you show.
“I need to think my life through.
I have become Trouble. I know.”


This is my 33-333 word  response to this week’s challenge posed by

Trifecta: Week Twenty-seven.

Trouble is the word.  For this challenge, it has this meaning –

Head on over to Trifecta for great responses.
Have a great day.  May trouble stay away from you. 😉
Best regards,




  1. This is a nice way to deal with the challenge Imelda. The tension between the two perspectives plays out neatly in your poem.

  2. Wonderful poem and the subject so universal, at least to families with college kids.
    Love how you presented the two perspectives one right after the other, and the realization at the end. Nice work.

  3. That internal perspective reminds me painfully of my own teenage years — that period when sometimes we’re trouble despite ourselves. Nice take on the prompt.

    • I went through that phase too. Oh, the difficulty of being young and trying to find one’s niche in the world.

      Thank you for your visit and comment, Annabelle. 🙂

  4. I’m shaking my head, thinking of my college days. LOVE your poem, and like Tara R., I didn’t even realize it rhymed. It was a happy surprise right in the middle:)

  5. Thanks for linking up this week! I loved the back and forth, dialogue nature of your response. I also like the general understanding of the word “trouble.” Without giving us too many details, I think we can all draw some conclusions about what’s going on with your characters. Nice job!

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