There was once a new wife
who did not know what to do
She did not know how to cook
But now she had to feed two.
She looked at the pantry
while her husband was asleep
wishing to give him a surprise
of something good to eat.
She pulled out the eggs
and milk and butter too
and a special ingredient
that she won’t tell you.
She scrambled the eggs
put them in a pan
she arranged them in a plate
when they were all done.
She woke up her husband
with a sweet little kiss
“Breakfast is ready,
go to the table please.”
With joyful anticipation
the new wife watched
her husband savor
his very first bite.
All was silent
you could hear a pin drop
As his pleasant smile
turned into shock.
Oh poor little wife
was filled with dismay
when her husband asked-
“what’s in here, I pray?”
“It’s really nothing
out of the ordinary
it does make custard really, truly tasty!”
But from her new spouse
her secret she could not keep
She leaned on his ear
“it’s just vanilla, my sweet.”

On a happy note, my cooking skill has improved since that fateful morning.  🙂

Thank you for visiting and your comments. 🙂  I hope your scrambled eggs are always tasty and vanilla-free. 😀




  1. Very cute story/poem, Imelda! I love the pic with the egg faces! There’s always a first time to everything, right? Thanks for the chuckle!

    1. Oh, how could you not like vanilla with scrambled eggs? It makes everything taste good. 😀 At least that was my reasoning then.

    1. My husband was the cook in the beginning (before I took over the cooking duties) but he has a counterpart story. Hah! All’s fair in love and in cooking.

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