White and pink dominate my week.

Our respite from rain revealed blooming Lilies of the Valley and an unknown bush that gives clusters of pretty white blossoms.

The chives are busy producing flowers too.  The flower buds were supposed to be snipped if I wanted to use the leaves.  But flowers are flowers.  So, I have a lot of chive flowers and less herbs for use.  It’s OK.  I do not use much of it for cooking anyway.

Because it has been raining for several days hereabouts, the flowers are a little soggy.

The Lilies of the Valley are so pretty and delicate.  But oh! how little they are.  They are likely to be hidden by their relatively big leaves.  Yet, it is hard to miss them because of their scent, as though nature endowed it with  such heavenly scent to make up for its littleness.   A bunch of plants could perfume the air.  One other nice thing about this plant – it multiplies fast.  And it is perfect for shady areas.

I suppose you have noticed how I like  progression in my photos.  I guess, I just have too much.

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you enjoyed my little present for today.  🙂

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13 thoughts on “WHITE AND PINK

  1. I love those lavender chive flowers! I am going to plant some this year. Do you have an herb garden? That is one of my projects this summer! Really beautiful pictures, as always!

  2. Thanks, Sandra. I do not have a formal herb garden – I just sort of planted them haphazardly anywhere there was space. I have thyme, oregano, tarragon, chives, and mint. They are easy to care for and grow and grow and grow. I plant Rosemary but it is an annual in our kind of weather. However, the mild winter last year helped the Rosemary survive another season. Later in the Spring, I will plant Basil.

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