Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused 2

It was a beautiful day today.  During school break, I let the children play outdoors.  I had fun looking around, taking in the difference between a wet backyard and a dry one and glorying in the latter.  New weeds had come up.

Unknown Weed

The dandelions that were in full bloom just a few days ago have turned to puffs.  Many have had their seeds blown away by the breeze.  Others, however, got trapped.   I took this photo of the puffs with my son in the background.  I thought he would be the background, not the focus, for a change. 😉

They are my second entries  for this week’s challenge.    My first entry can be viewed here.

I was not the only one who had fun.  The children rolled in the grass,  dyed themselves dandelion yellow, and dumped  pulled out weeds on each other.  The weeds and dandelions that escaped that brutal fate were brought in.

They wanted to cook the dandelions.  They wanted to have the grass in a vase.  So weeds in a vase we had.  I had to pass on the dandelion fritters though.  Maybe tomorrow, or day after next.

For great entries to Unfocused, please head over to DAILYPOST.   Thanks and have a great day.



  1. I particularly like the first one, with your focus spot. The photo is wonderfully interesting in an odd out-of-focus way. As an amateur photo enthusiast myself, I like your different view of the world. Thanks for sharing.

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