I wrote this piece for Bloggy Moms Writers’ Workshop.  The challenge is still about music:

This week’s prompt involves music. Think about that story that’s been on your mind. Think about your main character, or maybe a side character. Think about the story itself, or maybe just a pivotal scene in the story. You got it in your head? Do you hear that music playing in the background? What if your story were made into a movie? What song(s) come to mind? Pick one and write the scene that plays out in your head when you hear it. Let it inspire you. 

This morning, I read about Hugo Chavez.  That made me think about many other Strongmen in history,  their rule and their fall.  Then Emperor Waltz played in my head.  What a beautiful piece of music it is.  Glorious as it was, it had to end.  Like everything else.  That is of this world, at least.

With all of those in my head, I wrote this little piece.


His head rested on his pillow.

His eyes wandered about the room.

His mind was somewhere in the halls

where with iron fist he once ruled.

His hands which held power

now weakly on his side they lay

receiving food from a needle

keeping darkness at bay.

His feet that once marched

to the beat of his own drums

are shackled on his bed

by tubes of all kinds.

His breath which fired a nation

struggles from his chest.

In his dimming vision,

his epitaph he etched

(for even a Strongman

to one Stronger submits):

“Hear ye my people

with justice I ruled

imperialism I vanquished

and equality I restored.”

He wishes he could go on

yet time is not on his side

His dreams for greater glory

might his successor abide?


9 thoughts on “THE STRONGMAN

  1. yes, strongmen are quite intriguing, asian or otherwise. despite his South American origin, Hugo Chavez strikes me as Asian in both appearance and temperament. And attitude of course, as he is quite paternalistic in his ways. Thanks for sharing Imelda !

    1. Thank you for dropping by Noel. Happy naman ako. :-)) Hugo Chavez does seem like a nice guy except for his enemies. Like our own Marcos. I was reading an article about him and he did not seem bad at all.

  2. This is absolutely fantastic!! I love your way with words here, and the rhythm with which it flows. Thanks for linking up again!!


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