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One of the best parts of spring, at least for me,  is seeing all the otherwise plain trees explode into a myriad of colors and blooms.    Not only are they very beautiful to look at, they also proclaim that winter, which I am not very fond of, is done!

I was quite excited when I learned that Blossoms/Trees would be this week’s challenge at Leap Into Spring.    I have another excuse to take more photos, this time, of flowering trees, except that there were no flowering trees near our home that I knew of.  Everything was in the neighbor’s yard several houses over.  Then I saw a sad looking tree in the far corner of our backyard showing as much flower as its severely pruned branches would allow it –

The only reason that this tree stands today is that its trunk is on the opposite side of the fence between our place and out neighbor's.
These are flowers from our corner tree. The tree has big spikes on its branches and looks like it belongs to the crab apple family. I wish I know what it is.

When I looked around some more, I saw a beautiful tree on another neighbor’s yard.   Happily (in this instance), there was no fence between our lots so I crossed over (when I thought that our neighbor was not looking 😉 to take some pictures.

It is a beautiful tree. However, it almost seems that, like most of the trees in our area, this tree just grew in that spot. It is surrounded by bigger trees and wild bushes.

When I was looking at the pictures, I noticed the red bug for the first time. I wished that I saw that when I was taking photos so that I could take a picture of it.

And just when I thought that I have taken all the spring blossoms picture that I could have, we had a chance to visit the Green today.

Thank you for visiting.  It is much appreciated.

This is linked toLeap Into Spring Photo Challenge. Please head over to join and for great photos.

Have a beautiful blessed day.




  1. So funny that you snapped when you thought the neighbor wasn’t looking. lol. I actually stopped at a random stranger’s house and asked if I could shoot his hydrangeas. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the initiative and sharing your beautiful buds for the Leap Into Spring Challenge!

    • Thank you for the visit. For one reason or the other, your comment was filed by WP in the spam folder and did not get to see it until now, two weeks after it was received. My apologies. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by. I am sorry about that. My webpage fell victim to whatever changes its platform provider did with the program. It’s been down since Saturday. I will repost my post somewhere here and try to link again if that can still be done. 🙂 Thanks a lot.

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