After having a relatively sweet-free Lent and enjoying its results, I told my husband that we should minimize candies and sweet stuff in our home.  My husband happily agreed until he saw that the chocolates I love are severely discounted in the groceries.  So, tossing resolutions aside, he bought three bags of M&M Peanut eggs at one time, with some Cadbury Eggs thrown in for good measure.  Then a box of Ferreros at another.

And three bags of Lindt most recently.

Oh my!

But, much as I love these chocolates, there is a kind that I treasure like gold in our house.  I come by them  only so rarely.  My sister makes them  out of the  beans  that she collected from the  fruits of the cocoa trees growing in our   backyard.   I refer to Tableya, a.k.a., chocolate balls.  

We used to eat them like candy when we were children.   I teach my children to do the same too.

They make the best hot chocolate.  Ever.   🙂

Best of all, they remind me of the place and the time when I was growing up.  🙂


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  1. The taste of memories – definitely the sweetest!
    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t do my ‘after-easter’ chocolate raids as much as I would have liked to. Perhaps I can check today!

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